North Carolina voted against the state’s anti-LGBT law on Tuesday. It probably won’t matter

Donald Trump’s upset victory dealt a devastating blow to LGBT rights on Tuesday night. The CEO, who lost in the popular vote but prevailed in the Electoral College tally, has promised to appoint judges that would repeal

6 Strategies To Eliminate Depression For Good

Depression is so widespread in the USA that one in ten Americans is on an antidepressant medication. This affliction takes lives just as surely as heart problems and cancer do. Even though people spend time in therapy

This Thumb-Steered Drone Is The UAV You Have Been Waiting For

From DJI to Pokédrone, we have seen our fair share of different sizes, forms, and varieties of drones. However, the one common feature among all these various designs of the latest drones is the dual-joystick controller. Even

North Carolina’s “Bathroom bill” could be the downfall of Gov. Pat McCrory

Incumbent North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is in an extremely tight race against Democratic challenger Attorney General Roy Cooper, and it’s all coming down to the issue of the state’s “Bathroom bill.” In March, McCrory signed House

10 Awesome Kangaroo Facts You Never Knew

10 Awesome Kangaroo Facts You Never Knew The original word kangaroo originated from the Native Australian language known as Guugu Yimithirr. The animal was referred to as the gangurru. Captain James Cook and his crew set foot

You Wont Believe What Happened At This North Carolina Beach. Wow.

It”s not every day that you get to witness sharks feed on a school of blue fish with the ferocity of, well, sharks feeding on bluefish. Sure, this type of thing happens all of the time, but

North Carolina Legislature Overwhelmingly Votes to BAN Sanctuary Cities for Illegal Aliens

The North Carolina state legislature just made a huge move to mandate enforcement of immigration laws against illegal aliens across the state moved to action by a high-profile murder 3,000 miles away. The state Senate and House

North Carolinas New Welfare Rules Are Causing A BIG Stir Across America

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory speaks during a news conference by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News New food stamp restrictions have been signed into law in North Carolina. Starting next year, recipients of food stamps will

North Carolina Police Ask Residents to Sign Pledge of Nonviolence and Turn in Firearms

Join the THE true Liberty Movement alternative to Facebook… set up a FREE social profile now at the new! CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED. Saturday, the Greensboro Police Department held a nonviolence event at the Destiny

Uh Oh… What Duck Dynasty Family is About to do in North Carolina Will Have Liberal Heads Exploding

Join THE true Liberty Movement alternative to Facebook… set up a FREE social profile now at the new! CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED. The radical American left simply cannot stand it when, much to their outrage