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Announcing the Epic New Single by Evie Clair of “America’s Got Talent”

Evie Clair, of “America’s Got Talent,” has released an epic new single in association with Award Winning TV/Film Composer Nate Fenwick. The song is called, “Young Fighter,” and was written to help empower women and to inspire

International Bestselling and Global Multi-Award Winning Suspense-Thriller Author Jeffery Deaver to Headline Mystery Fest Key West in June

International bestselling and global multi-award winning suspense-thriller author Jeffery Deaver to headline a Who’s Who of acclaimed mystery writers at the 2019 Mystery Fest Key West, happening June 28-30 in America’s southernmost city. Key West, FL, April

Uh Oh… What Duck Dynasty Family is About to do in North Carolina Will Have Liberal Heads Exploding

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