Jesus of Nazereth’s Robert Powell Slated to Join the Cast of Biograph’s Controversial and Historical UK Feature of Ancient England, “Brigantia”

Iconic British actor Robert Powell portrays “Arch Druid Uisneach,” the mystical and prophetic Keldane Druid Ministre of ancient England in “Brigantia.”

Jesus of Nazereth's Robert Powell Slated to Join the Cast of Biograph's Controversial and Historical UK Feature of Ancient England,

Los Angeles, CA, July 08, 2019 –(– Renown actor Robert Powell joins the cast of “Brigantia,” a historically-based drama produced by Thomas R. Bond II, which is about a present day British archaeologist who discovers an ancient UK village that tells the intimate story of Airell (Played by James Robinson – Braveheart 1995), a young Druid Ministre living during the religious upheaval at the time Christ and where through Airell’s life, he is revealed ancient knowledge and the secrets of the Druids Minitstry along with intertwined spiritual beliefs and mysteries of the universe that eventually caused a spiritual rebirth that changed the world.

Powell (Arch Druid Uisneach) is the mystical guardian of the famed Druids Holy Island of Wales in early A.D. and mentor to Airell the young Ministre. Powell got his first starring role in The Italian Job (1969) starring Micahel Caine, but best known as Jesus of Nazareth (1977) which played to an audience of 90 million people. Powell’s portrayal of “Jesus” is widely regarded as the most powerful ever seen on the screen. His other films include Tommy (1975), Mahler (1974), The Thirty Nine Steps (1978), and the popular TV series, Doomwatch (1970), The Detectives 1995, and Holby City 2005. For his portrayal of “Jesus” in Jesus of Nazareth, Powell received best actor awards from TV Times and Italian TV Times, the international arts prize at the Fiuggi Film Festival, grand prize at the Saint-Vincent Film Festival, and a nomination as best actor from The Irish Academy of Film and Television arts.

Other “Brigantia” cast members include James Phelps, (Fred Weasley from the film series Harry Potterm and Andy Beckwith – Rorge – Game of Thrones).

“Brigantia” is slated to film in 2020 with its main location in Britain, and utilizing many ancient historical locations in the UK, Scotland and Ireland.

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