North Carolina Police Ask Residents to Sign Pledge of Nonviolence and Turn in Firearms

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Saturday, the Greensboro Police Department held a nonviolence event at the Destiny Christian Center asking town residents to turn over any and all unwanted firearms and ammunition. Citing a rise in violence within the area, police explained that they were seeking to reduce crime while improving the overall image of the city and thus asked residents over the age of 18 to anonymously turn in their firearms.

According to the Blaze, those participating in the gun-collection event that turned in their arms were asked to sign a pledge of nonviolence. Following the event, police stated that all weapons collected will be checked to see if they have been reported lost or stolen so that they can allegedly be returned to their rightful owners.


Via Blaze

Greensboro Police Department collected all guns that have been cleaned and unloaded from anyone at least 18-years-old during the weekend event.

Residents were encouraged to sign the Pledge of Nonviolence and relinquish any unwanted handguns, rifles, shotguns and ammunition to the police Saturday at the Destiny Christian Center.

Violence is on the rise somewhat in our community, Deputy Police Chief James Hinson told WXII-TV. A lot of that violence is centered around handguns and aggravated assaults. And the ultimate goal is to reduce violence in our community so that our citizens can feel safe when they go out and just continue to improve the overall image of our city.