Underpaid at $102K? Survey finds NC’s tech workers rank 25th in average pay

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Work in IT in North Carolina? Then you need to ask for a raise.

Employers, maybe you aren’t paying enough. Why are there nearly 30,000 open tech jobs across the state? Pay – or lack thereof – could be a reason. And we known from the recent Duke University CIO study that employers are increasingly concerned about competing for talent while keeping the workers they have.

According to a new report from international tech training company Global Knowledge, the average pay for information technology workers in North Carolina is $102,042.

Rick Smith, WRAL TechWire’s editor and a cofounder and author of The Skinny blog.

Not bad, right?

For most of us not in six-figure land (and that’s the majority), more than $100,000 looks pretty darn good. Average wages across our state run around $56,000.

But when you look at salaries elsewhere, that six-figure deal isn’t so attractive.

North Carolina’s average tech pay ranks only 25th among the states and D.C., according to the Cary-based company’s annual skills and salary report. (We’re the ninth largest state.)

Making matters worse: Texas ($112,000) and Florida ($102,347) rank higher – and neither has a state income tax.

(Check your electronic pay stub to see what you pay every two weeks – 6%?)

North Carolina usually scores well in best places to expand or move a business, and employment costs factor into that. The GK survey confirms that on the tech side the Tar Heel state is a relative bargain.

Check out this story that adds to the data debate on pay:

Study: Raleigh No. 3 city for tech workers, Chapel Hill 30, Durham 43; average pay: $91,000

We’re not talking a limited number of workers, either. According to trade group CompTIA, North Carolina has 354,166 workers in tech and the tech sector is responsible for pouring more than $46 billion into the state’s economy, or 9.3 percent.

And tech is growing. In 2018, software and services sectors added more than 5 percent in jobs (nearly 90,000 in all) with R&D related jobs adding nearly 5 percent to just under 52,000.

Yet thousands of jobs remain unfilled.

Companies may just to have to pay more – or offer more stock or other inducements.

Workers already are complaining about their pay. See this post:

‘We’re very underpaid’ say 56% of tech workers in survey

Other side of the hill

Things could be worse. These workers could live in higher-taxed states.

California tops the list at $134,000 – but taxes there and cost of living … is that enough?

So maybe NC isn’t so bad.

Top states for pay: California followed by Massachusetts ($132,000), New Jersey ($131,000), Virginia ($129,000), Washington DC ($127,000) and New York ($121,000).

None is known as a low-tax state.

Back to North Carolina …

So when’s your next review?

Or, bosses, how do you plan to keep a star tech worker on board?

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