ADx Healthcare and Shinyukai Group Collaborate with Ixlayer to launch…

ADx Healthcare and Shinyukai Group collaborate with Ixlayer to tackle Alzheimer’s disease in Japan

ADx Healthcare and Shinyukai Group collaborate with Ixlayer to tackle Alzheimer’s disease in Japan

At ADx Healthcare we are constantly striving to evaluate the latest scientific findings to identify a patient’s unique set of factors affecting their cognitive health. GenoRisk Alzheimer’s Genetic Test evaluates both risk and protective genes identified in research to influence non-familial Alzheime

ADx Healthcare and Shinyukai Group Collaborate with Ixlayer to launch Polygenic-risk score Alzheimer’s test in Japan.

ADx Healthcare, a provider of Alzheimer’s disease-related testing announces collaboration with Nakanoshima Clinic, part of Shinyukai group based in Osaka, Japan, and Ixlayer, a San Francisco based precision health testing company. The collaboration includes plans to launch a Polygenic-risk score for early detection and study of Alzheimer’s disease in Japan.

“At ADx Healthcare we continually evaluate the latest scientific findings to identify the genetic factors affecting patient’s cognitive health and risk for Alzheimer’s disease. The Alzheimer’s GenoRisk Test evaluates both risk-associated and protective genes that influence Alzheimer’s disease risk. We are very excited to collaborate with Shinyukai, Nakanoshima and ixlayer to bring this high quality genetic service to the patients in Japan,” said Steve Booth, CEO of ADx Healthcare.    

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, which causes problems with memory, thinking, and behavior. In the early stage, symptoms may be minimal, but as the disease causes more damage to the brain, symptoms worsen. The rate at which the disease progresses is different for everyone, but on average, people with Alzheimer’s live for eight years after symptoms begin. In Japan more 4.6 million people are living with dementia, and this number is expected to rise significantly as the population ages.

The Alzheimer’s GenoRisk panel will look at 32 genetic loci. The ADx Healthcare medical team, under the direction of Dr. Ryan Fortna MD, PhD, ADx Healthcare’s Chief Scientific Officer, will provide analysis and interpretive services. “A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is life changing for the person with the disease, as well as their family and friends. Our goal is to help people understand their risk. Recent studies have shown the specific lifestyle changes may reduce risk for the disease, and we believe that those at higher risk from a genetic standpoint may be the most motivated to improve their cognitive function by making lifestyle changes.” Through the partnership with ixLayer, individuals will have access to clinicians throughout the process as well as educational information tailored to a patient’s specific results.

The ixlayer Precision health testing platform was chosen because of the platform’s ability to easily walk a patient through the entire testing process while providing clinician access throughout the experience. “We have done extensive patient research here in the US on how to deliver this type of information to patients and are excited to tailor our product to patients located in Japan,” said Pouria Sanae CEO of ixLayer. The platform is multilingual and can be customized to deliver result information natively in the region where it is deployed.

The first Clinic to offer GenoRisk Alzheimer’s test is Nakanoshima health center. Nakanoshima is one of five clinics/health centers owned by the Shinyukai group, whose headquarters are in Kyoto, Japan. Nakanoshima Clinic’s focus is on early detection and prevention of diseases. “Adding Alzheimer’s testing to our portfolio is an important step in the early intervention of this ever increasing and prevalent disease,” said Takuji Tanabe, CEO of Nakanoshima Health Center. Nakanoshima Clinic also works with corporate partners in providing yearly medical check-ups as a part of the corporate partners’ employee benefit plans in Japan.

Interest in Alzheimer’s related research and testing has been increasing in recent months. This announcement coincides with the state of NY announcing a five-year initiative to collect and disseminate genomic data on 1 million people with Alzheimer’s disease. Worldwide, at least 44 million people are living with dementia, making the disease a global health crisis that must be addressed.

About ADx Healthcare

The scientific team at ADx Healthcare includes physicians, Alzheimer’s researchers, dietitians, and health behaviorists working together to evaluate and implement cutting edge science on brain health and Alzheimer’s disease. Our team is committed to empowering patients to address errant metabolic pathways through lifestyle modifications to maximize their cognitive health. To learn more please visit

About Ixlayer    

Ixlayer powers the delivery of precision health testing for physicians, health systems, health focused companies, and pharmaceutical partners. The end to end solution brings together all of the components needed to deliver complex testing and results to patients. We are committed to improving outcomes and removing barriers to the access of precision medicine. For more information on Ixlayer, please visit:​    

About Nakanoshima Clinic

At Nakanoshima Clinic, we offer comprehensive health screenings and assessments by using state-of-the-art medical diagnostic technology. To meet the needs of a diverse population, we offer three distinctive types of services: PET-CT course, general health checkup course, and specific organ checkup course. To learn more please visit

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Please note: The announcement will be on March-3-2020

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