Announcing the Epic New Single by Evie Clair of “America’s Got Talent”

Evie Clair, of “America’s Got Talent,” has released an epic new single in association with Award Winning TV/Film Composer Nate Fenwick. The song is called, “Young Fighter,” and was written to help empower women and to inspire those who are going through challenges.

Announcing the Epic New Single by Evie Clair of

Los Angeles, CA, April 03, 2019 –(– Evie Clair, of “America’s Got Talent” Season 12, is thrilled to announce her new single, “Young Fighter,” which was recorded and produced in association with Award-winning TV/film composer Nate Fenwick, available on all major digital platforms as of Saturday, March 30, 2019.

“I’m so hyped to be a big part of this amazingly inspirational song,” said Evie. “It brings so much hope in such a cool tone, and I’m so excited for people to hear it.”

Fenwick, who grew up in a family of all sisters, and who now has a wife and 3 young children of his own, said he was inspired to compose the female empowerment pop song, “Young Fighter,” after a lifetime of witnessing the daily challenges of the women closest to him.

“In addition to female empowerment,” said Fenwick, “‘Young Fighter’ is also about the mental battles that not only women face, but even I experience as a man…Overall this song is about overcoming adversity and one’s inner demons.”

Hailing from the same hometown in Arizona as Evie’s family, Fenwick was equally inspired by Evie’s story of losing her dad to cancer at such a young age while she was on “America’s Got Talent,” and invited her to record the song with him.

“I originally wrote ‘Young Fighter’ inspired by [my family], and when I learned of Evie’s story with her losing her father, I knew collaborating with her would breathe life into this song’s message,” said Fenwick.

“I think this song is a powerful reminder that we can act rather than be acted upon no matter our age or gender,” said Evie. “I want people to listen to this song and know that they have a strength inside that can help them fight through difficulties and come out better and stronger.”

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