Beyond the keyboard: Here’s how to keep your workspace safe and clean

Doctors are advising everyone to wash their hands thoroughly and more frequently, and to try not to touch things that other people have touched. But have you looked around your work space – at work or even at home, if you are now working from home?

With coronavirus a serious concern, experts recommend that you give your work space a deep cleaning, that goes way beyond a wick wipedown of the keyboard.

Sandy Thebour of Diamond Quality Clean says her staff has been “extraordinarily busy.” Her crews are taking extra steps right now, cleaning everything people touch. That includes desktops, mousepads, phones, staplers and light switches.

After an initial cleaning, Thebour suggests another round to sanitize. “We would give them a good cleaning and then go back to them with a disinfectant,” she says.

Thebour points out that there are  lot of surface beyond the keyboard that can hold germs. She recommends cleaning arms and backs of chairs, even seating surfaces.

Make sure to use a product like Lysol that says it kills viruses.

And don’t forget the community break room – the kitchen if you are working at home – the refrigerator door and the microwave are surfaces that many people touch, she said. “You really want to get in the front and back,” she said.

Published at Mon, 23 Mar 2020 15:01:34 +0000