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OnDemand Visit, Inc ( announces a special digital triage platform for primary care physician just in time with the surge in demand for primary care due to the current situation. Current Situation has hindered the day to day life of the public, the immediate access to healthcare is very important in the given scenario. “We are in this together, and collectively we have to find the solution,” said the CEO of OnDemand Visit, Inc. OnDemand Visit technology is an enabler to connect providers with patients who need immediate attention.

OnDemand Visit, Inc. team has served the healthcare professionals for the past two decades, we have always strive to build the industry more accessible and affordable. This business ethos for us is more relevant in today’s time. OnDemand Visit technology has built-in AI (artificial intelligence) and Machine Learning which allows providers to geo locate the patient and send him/her to the nearest emergency room or Lab based on individual needs. The technology allows the provider to quickly document the care, send prescription out to pharmacy close to the patient’s location or send the order direct to the mail-in pharmacy. The provider can now utilize the technology to send mass communication messages to the patient population within the community and share educational material. With OnDemand Visit, Apple and Android phone-based application, the Patient can also schedule a future visit or contact physician office in real time (OnDemand) instead of spending hours and hours on the internet. The team at OnDemand Visit would like to share our technology with the community and use it as a tool to reach out to everyone without them being exposed to other patients at clinics or urgent care centers.

The proprietary technology makes sure that all the information from the patient is recorded and analyzed by the physician to make an informed decision. The patient can fill out intake form, telemedicine consent form as well pay using a credit card before they see a provider. OnDemand Visit facilitates the fastest response from the physician to their patient base. Our technology helps in remote patient management, the physician or patient does not have to risk any foreseen exposure to the virus in the environment. The technology is easy to implement, we customize according to the need of clinicians. OnDemand Visit, Inc also offers private branding if needed by the Clinician or provider group. The technology supports multiple payment options such as membership plan, Promo code or use of credit card and Insurance Card the reimbursement processes are simplified.

With the current stage of outbreaks, efficient use of technology is the only way we can meet the demand/supply gap in care. OnDemand Technology being used by many providers who use to visit Skilled Nursing Home facilities, Assisted Living facilities or any Adult Daycare centers, as replacement of In-person visits to a Virtual Visit. Digital telemedicine triage for SNFs and Nursing homes is the ideal solution for SNFs, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home health agencies. According to Providers who currently use OnDemand Visit, technology for telemedicine consultation.

OnDemand Visit technology supports the exchange of conversation between the patients and physicians through texting, voice message or message bots. The patient can reach out to the physician immediately when they think there is a need to discuss their anticipation on the Corona Virus or any other health-related issues. It not only saves time but, in some cases, could be lifesaving. Immediate intervention by the doctor is the need of the hour in today’s time. The technology enables direct communication and reporting with public health officials as well as the Emergency response team based on the geo-location of patients in real-time. The demand for telehealth services is increasing dramatically, we’re here to help.

About OnDemand Visit, Inc.

OnDemand Visit, Inc. is an all-in-one direct-to-consumer telehealth platform that enables the highest level of quality and cost-effective healthcare for patients, regardless of where they are located. Technology offers a built-in AI and Machine learning tool to identify patients based on Geo-Location and pair them with the nearest licensed care provider within the network. The secured solution connects patients, employees, and members with doctors in real-time or OnDemand. This enterprise-wide virtual care solution engages more conveniently than in-person office visits. A true clinical telemedicine technology. For more information call, 800-638-5535.

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Published at Wed, 08 Apr 2020 00:00:00 +0000