Healthy Lifestyle Habits to Implement for a Healthy Life

1. Do not overcook food, cooking destroys nutrients. Organic raw fruits and vegetables are best, but if cooking is required, just lightly steamed or quick stir fry in a quality fat such as coconut oil. I recommend ONLY good quality stainless-steel or ceramic cookware, and INSIST that anything Aluminium that comes into contact with food be discarded immediately!

2. Avoid eating when tired, emotionally upset or when in a hurry. The digestive processes will be impaired, wait until you feel calmer and have relaxed for at least 20 minutes before eating. Do not eat late in the evening. Digestive processes start to slow down after 6pm.

3. All foods must be chewed thoroughly at all times. Digestion starts in the mouth with enzymes released in your saliva; chewing stimulates the digestive cascade crucial to the breakdown of all food components, and subsequently effective and maximum absorption of nutrients.

4. Drink moderate amounts of fluids with meals. Drink an hour before a meal or two hours afterwards, to avoid diluting the digestive juices.

5. Avoid cooking at high temperatures above 100 deg C (212 F). Vitamins C & E, some other vitamins and all enzymes can be destroyed by heat. The enzymes begin to be destroyed at temperatures as low as 40 deg C (106 F). To offset these deficiencies in our cooked food we must obtain these nutrients from raw foods.

6. Wash fresh and dried fruits and vegetables to remove possible sprays, moulds and Sulphur dioxide.

7. Avoid using microwave ovens at all times. Research suggests that foods are de-natured by this cooking method, and the vitamin content afterwards is negligible.

8. Avoid the use of soft plastics (cling-film) in food preparations. The chemicals used to make these products can leach into your food; if they are then eaten, they can affect the hormonal systems due the their structure being very similar to our natural hormones.

9. Ensure Good Quality Sleep. No amount of nutritious food or exercise can counter-act the ill-effects of poor sleeping patterns. Sufficient quality sleep enhances immunity, detoxification processes and the production of growth hormone (necessary in maintenance of muscle mass, a healthy weight and very anti-ageing – helps you look and feel younger.

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Published at Sat, 11 Apr 2020 00:00:00 +0000