NC State removes the name ‘Daniels’ from Daniels Hall

North Carolina Statue University removes the name Daniels from Daniels Hall. The building was originally named after Josephus Daniels, former editor of the News and Observer and a man known for his white supremacist views.

Last week, the university acknowledged people in the community have raised concerns about the name of this building.

The NC State Board of Trustees announced it was planning to hold a meeting Monday to discuss renaming the building. This decision comes days after the Daniels family had the statue of Josephus Daniel’s removed from Nash Square.

Named after white supremacist, Raleigh middle school considers name change

The Daniels family said they don’t support his views on race and moved the statue to private land as opposed to the public square.

The same day the statue was removed, the Wake County School Board unanimously voted to change the name of Daniels Middle School to Oberlin Middle.

Published at Mon, 22 Jun 2020 15:07:05 +0000