Uh Oh… What Duck Dynasty Family is About to do in North Carolina Will Have Liberal Heads Exploding

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The radical American left simply cannot stand it when, much to their outrage and surprise, famous celebrities dont conform to their blatant liberal agendas. Especially when it comes to the killing of unborn infants.

Which is why the Duck Dynasty family is about to send them all screaming and pulling their PC hair out. Several members of the Duck Dynasty family are scheduled to play a prominent part in an upcoming pro-life event in North Carolina.

The Robertson crew will take part in a massive annual pro-life rally as well as a march for life.

CT has more.

Pro-lifers from across North Carolina will gather on Saturday, Jan. 16, for the 17th Annual Prayer Breakfast for Life and the annual Rally and March for Life, being hosted by North Carolina Right to Life (NCRTL).

The breakfast will feature Alan and Lisa Robertson, stars of the popular hit series Duck Dynasty. The Prayer Breakfast for Life will be held at the North Raleigh Hilton at 10 a.m.

The Robertsons presentation will combine a glimpse into the lives of their families as they speak of the events of their lives which have influenced their pro-life convictions. The couple will also be signing the book they co-authored, A New Season.

Once again the Robertson family proves it isnt afraid of the PC crowd. And the Duck Dynasty shows continues to reveal that doing so doesnt promise a collapse in ratings.

Something intolerant leftist Hollywood hacks just cannot stand.